Sunday, August 12, 2007

Wyatt's ice cream social was tonight. I wasn't "allowed" to take pictures and didn't see anyone else taking any---so I refrained. We had him go up and introduce himself to his teachers and it was so cute. He got all shy and nervous-but he handled it very well. He's very pleased with all of his teachers. He also got a couple of his good buddies in his class so he's very excited. His homeroom teacher seemed super nice(and very pretty-I see a possible teacher crush on the horizon;-) His other 2 teachers for math and reading also seemed great. The only one I was kind of iffy about moved to be a 6th grade teacher and her replacement seems great! It's his reading teacher and she's a huge Harry Potter fan so they hit it off right off the bat. She was already telling Wyatt about some books she thought he would like. I think it's going to be a great year! I told Wyatt I wanted to go in his place--I love school!
Now for Lily's tomorrow night. I'm anxious to see who she gets, but I'm not worried. Any of them will be fine.