Saturday, August 11, 2007

Well, I finally got Wyatt signed up for guitar lessons. He has his first one on Thursday, so tonight we took him to buy his guitar. He got an awesome red electric one--amp and all. He's so excited and hasn't put it down since we got home. All I know is he better darn well like it after the almost $300 we shelled out tonight. Oh, notice the tongue out in the pic-I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of that!
We also bought this tonight. Nothing like putting the cart before the horse. We have been shopping for a boat lately and hope to have one by next summer. Dick's had all of their water sports stuff 50% off, so we couldn't pass this double tube up. The kids love to tube at Jeff's dads. Now we just need the boat! LOL! I just had to laugh that we bought this before the boat. We figure if we don't end up with one-we can always take it down to Jeff's dads.
Wyatt found out who his teacher is today. Her name is Mrs. Kail and I've now heard from 2 people that she is great. Whew-that's a relief. I can't wait to meet her tomorrow night. She is supposedly strict and expects a lot out of them(but is very nice)--I like that.


Amy said...

We got Abby's viola for school today. Fortunately, it is a rental since they cost $800 or so! We'd love a boat. Maybe one day. We'd have to get a new car to get a boat though!