Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Captain Jeff.
The view of the dock from the balcony.
We found a way to have 2 tubes going. We didn't take the double tube and used what they had down there.

Peaceful morning on the lake.

Lily with cousins Haley, Ellie and Hannah.
We had a great time on Herrington Lake this weekend. The boat was a lot of fun and did great. It's definitely a whole different ball game tubing behind this boat than the pontoon! Jeff had a great time throwing all of his brothers off! It was the first time in ages they have all been together. They had 22 people on the dock on Sunday! Monday morning we always take a boat ride to breakfast here. It's so peaceful on the lake early in the morning.
The kids both tried to ski and came really close. Lily got up for maybe 15 feet and Wyatt stood up for a few seconds. It's a good start--not an easy thing to learn. I was pretty proud--got up on my 3rd try Sunday. I got tired so fast and had to let go after a few minutes--darn it. I tried again on Monday and couldn't get back up. I think my muscles were too sore! The kids are anxious to try some more when it's just us and we can devote more time to learning. We didn't get home til 10 Monday night so we were very tired on Tuesday!! I think we're ALMOST back to normal today!
Oh, forgot to mention another part of the weekend. Mom, Lily and I went Goodwilling Saturday while Jeff and Wyatt took the boat down and got all set up. I found SO many deals! A great new looking coat for Lily for $3 and tons of other clothes for her and Wyatt(Limited Too, Abercrombie, Gap). Oh and about 20 new books for Wyatt(50 cents each), a couple of which were specific ones he had been wanting! I came home with a huge black garbage bag full of stuff! Now that's my kind of shopping!