Sunday, April 23, 2006


Lily laying in the crawl space area in the basement that we are making into a cabinet. She loves to find those little nooks to crawl into.
Listening to the coach after the game in the dugout.
Lily at Coppelia with her wonderful ballet teacher Miss Michele. Doesn't she just look like a ballerina? The ballet was great! I didn't know the story beforehand, but I would definitely like to see it again if I ever get the opportunity. The male lead was only 14 years old and was awesome. He leapt so high! I'm sure he's got a big career in front of him! The kids sang in church this morning. They sang "What a Friend We Have in Jesus" with the adult choir and the youth choir. There were probably 50 kids and 100 adults singing. It was really great! Lily was absolutely belting it out-she loves to sing! Wyatt, on the other hand, tolerates it. I think he enjoys it but doesn't want to admit it.
Action shot.

We were SO proud of Wyatt last night. He gave it everything he had in his game and did really well. It was his first time hitting off of another kid. Last year was coach pitch. He was up 3 times and hit the ball twice. The first time he just barely got out at first. His last at bat was last inning, bases loaded and 2 outs. Could it get any worse than that? He hit it on the first pitch, but the ball hit his hand really hard and he was stunned. He stood there for a few seconds before he realized he actually had hit the ball instead of it just hitting him, and then he ran. He didn't make it to first, though. It was a GREAT effort. He was happy with himself. We lost, but that was OK, we tried our best and the team we played had already practiced like 10 times to our 3.
Our neighbor who is a nurse looked at his finger. It was REALLY swollen, but she didn't think it was broken. We iced it and it was fine this morning. He was really proud of himself for being tough. He said he ALMOST cried, but didn't.