Friday, April 07, 2006


Playing in shaving cream.
At the Magic School Bus exhibit.
Spinning on the lazy susan chairs looking at the glass ceiling.
This is what they were looking at.

We went to the Indianapolis Children's Museum yesterday. It was free from 4-8! Can't beat that deal! It wasn't crowded at all for the first couple of hours and got more crowded toward the end, but still really not that bad. We hadn't been in a while since we let our membership expire, so there were a lot of new things to see. The Fireworks of Glass is a new permanent exhibit and was really cool. There is a large sculpture all the way up the middle of the museum and then the lazy susan chairs under a ceiling full of colorful glass sculptures. They also has a temporary Magic School Bus exhibit that the kids liked.
Jeff gets home late tonight so I MUST get some house cleaning done today! I'm so lazy about it when he is gone and then I have to play catch up right before he gets back--pretty bad, huh?