Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Well, I think Wyatt has his first real crush. A little girl in his class told him she was gonna invite him to her b-day party on Sunday, so for over a week he's been telling us that he has plans on Sunday, so DON'T plan anything. He was waiting in SUCH anticipation for the invite to come in the mail. It came yesterday and he was on cloud 9! It's an ice-skating party, too-which he does not really enjoy. He doesn't care, though. He told me he likes her because she's nice, really smart, and he likes her hair. I thought those were great reasons. He actually calls her his girlfriend. However, I don't think she has a clue how smitten he is. He said he thinks she likes him too because she starts a conversation with him about 50% of the time and he starts it the other 50%---so she must like him as much as he likes her. I love a 9 year old's reasoning ;-)
I have a day off between subbing days today, so I have to get some things done around here!!!
Have a GREAT day!!!!