Friday, April 28, 2006


Well, Lily has pink eye. It was a tiny bit red last night and I thought it was just allergies. This morning it was so red and swollen, but still didn't look like pink eye to me. It was more red around the eye than in it, like I've seen pink eye before. This is how it looked when I got home from school today---lots better than this morning!
I subbed today, so I made a Dr. appointment for 9:30 and took her in for the school nurse to check out to see what she thought. She said there is a form of conjuctivitis that's been going around that looks just like this. So, Jeff took her to the Dr. and sure enough it's pink eye.
Lily was SOOOO upset and cried all morning. She had a big day planned. They had a puppet show in her class that she was in and had made her own puppet and everything. It was a big deal to her and she was very upset to miss it. She was also supposed to go over to her friend Leia's house to play after school and was just so upset that she couldn't! I felt so bad for her that I went at lunch to get her McDonald's along with a hot fudge sundae. She seemed happier at lunch time.
At least it wasn't next weekend, which is her birthday! I really hope none of us get it! The good news is, she shouldn't be contagious anymore by tomorrow.