Sunday, April 02, 2006


I always love seeing what I find in Wyatt's pockets. It's always an interesting and varied mix of items! He is a collector and brings home every little thing he finds interesting.

Wow-what a productive day! It was so nice not to have anywhere to be all day. I got 2 closets cleaned out from top to bottom and laundry ALL done AND put away--YAY! Organization feels so good!

Lily still didn't feel well all day. I'm really hoping she is going to feel better tomorrow--especially since Jeff will be out of town next week and we wanted to do something fun tomorrow-not sure what yet. Guess it'll depend on how she's feeling. I found out today that her friend from class that she plays with a lot--her brother has the flu--actually tested positive for it at the doctor. So it's definitely going around. I have a feeling that must be what she has. I just really can't stand seeing her like this--she is usually the most bubbly, lively little girl and she just hasn't been herself at all. Wyatt has been so sweet to her-fixing her ice water without even being asked and he even gave her the last tater tot at lunch--now that's big!!!


Tracee said...

That stuff is similar to what I find in Rich's pockets. Trevor's memory card is about the only thing
I find in his. Hopefully it never gets washed.