Monday, April 24, 2006


Miss Michele picked Lily to help her demonstrate the next thing they were going to do.
Lily's class--she is by far the smallest one. They are sitting down in the middle back. She's not THAT much smaller!

Shuffle, ball change, step.
At the bar.

It was parent night at dance tonight so I got to go in and see what Lily is learning--and get some pictures, of course. I can't believe how complicated their steps are getting! They go really fast in tap now!
I'm listening to her talking to her friend Anna on the phone right now. She just called Lily to chat. Crack me up. Sign of things to come, for sure!!!!


Amy said...

They look so sweet in their pink and black. I wish we would have parent days. We have to peek between the slats of the blinds to see!