Friday, April 07, 2006


The last day of Spring break--well, not counting the weekend. We went to Indy Island, which is an indoor aquatic center/water park with Charlene and Rachel. It was really nice. Only $3.50 to get in and the adults didn't even have to pay. There are 2 pools. One has a play area with a smaller slide and also a large slide. The other pool is deeper and more just for swimming. I think this was the kids' favorite thing we did all week-they love to swim! Lily even did the big slide and loved it! Finally, she's tall enough to do the "big kid" things!!! The lifeguards were awesome and walked around the whole time patrolling. We will definitely go back soon!
We had hail today a couple of times. Amy, not as large or impressive as yours!! I did get a pic in the Target parking lot, I'll post it later. The kids had a great time playing with the little marble sized balls! Seems like it didn't hurt the car or anything--thanks goodness!