Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sibling love---HA!
Wyatt in his cool skull shirt by Ralph Lauren's newest label--Rugby. He loves it.
The first time Lily had a good shower and got dressed in several days. She was stylin'. Look at that hair--I'm jealous!!

Today was a fun family day. Jeff told the kids we were cramming all of Spring break into one day since he's gonna be gone next week. We went out to lunch at McAllister's deli-they have my favorite soup there-chicken tortilla-it's yummy! Then we did some shopping. Wyatt wanted to spend his Target gift cards he got for his birthday. He got an I-Dog which he's been wanting for a while. See his blog for more about it. Then we went to see Ice-Age The Meltdown. It was way better than I expected--really, really, cute. The only negative was this crazy person cackling the whole way through-and it was an ADULT! It was very distracting. At one point, Wyatt looked at me and said, "Geez, it wasn't THAT funny." After that we did some more shopping and went to dinner at Logan's. It was great as usual. Then a little more shopping--WHEW!
Lily is feeling much better-she still had a very slight fever this morning-but seemed fine all day-maybe just a little tired towards the end. But so was I!!