Monday, May 08, 2006


This is how Wyatt has spent the last 4 hours. I told his friend that came over that he was at another friend's house, then happened to see him on the back patio engrossed in a new book. He is still out there and has hardly moved--he's read over 150 pages of it! I'm sure I didn't read that fast at 9 years old! He's such a bookworm! This is what he's doing while other boys are out playing sports. Hopefully it'll pay off someday when he goes to Harvard ;-)
This is a frog that we found in our backyard last night-he was huge! I think we scared the poor thing to death with the camera!!
Lily and her friend Emma playing with the sidewalk paint that Emma gave her for her birthday. They had a blast with it!
My Lily of the Valley. Lily's old preschool teacher gave me a start of these and I was so happy that they came back-they are so delicate and pretty---and smell great, too!


Amy said...

Oooooh, I would love to find Lily of the Valley.

Tracee said...

xfuhcI love the Lily of the Valley. So pretty!