Sunday, May 07, 2006

LILY IS 7!!!!

Getting ready to blow out her candles.
The gang. She had 13 show up out of 16---not too bad-3 of the boys had baseball games.
Playing volleyball with her new net.
Lily and Jess.

Lily had a great birthday. It was action packed. Her party was at 11 and she had a wonderful time. She had all of her friends there and it was a nice party. It was at Ben and Ari's which is a local arcade type place here. Very easy-they provided the cake, pizza, drinks, tokens---I didn't do anything but the goody bags. That's my kind of party!
Her friend Leia ended up coming home with us and they played volleyball and badminton with her new set, played with her new bubbles and of course, with Jess.
Then we took Lily out to dinner. She REALLY wanted to go to Cheeseburger in Paradise, but we just didn't have time before Wyatt's game, so her second choice was O'Charleys. They brought her a whole cake and sang to her--she loved it! We promised to take her to Cheeseburger in Paradise soon.
Well, I need to finish getting ready for church. I'll post more pics later!