Monday, May 01, 2006

Well, I'm a full time worker now. Just for a month. Still, it's kind of scary. I got a job as an intructional assistant in the Emotionally Disabled room at school. It's everyday just until school is out. I'm pretty excited--I'll get a couple of good paychecks before summer. Plus I do really love being at the school. It's just kind of weird, knowing I won't be able to run errands and such during the day like I'm used to. I'm thinking it'll probably force me to manage my time better. It'll be a good test anyway--maybe I'll want to do something more full time next school year if it works out well---who knows. At least I know most of the kids already and there are currently no "dangerous" ones. The principal did ask me if I would have a problem wrestling someone to the ground if I had to. He wasn't joking either! Hopefully it'll never come to that! I've subbed in there and it wasn't bad at all. Well, off to pick Lily up from dance!


Amy said...

My taste of two weeks straight let me know that I'm not totally ready for full time. I hope yours goes well. Those checks will be great! I still haven't seen the fruits of my labor.

Melody said...

I know---I may not have done it if it was a particular class that I would have! Luckily, this is going into different classes to help particular kids for small amounts of time or helping them in the ED room on a one to one basis. When I subbed in there, they were the only days that I didn't leave school with a headache!! It's probably the quietest room in the school b/c there are only a few kids working in there at a time. We'll see how it goes!