Sunday, May 14, 2006

Lily and Lauren at Hinkle Hey Day. I only got a couple of pics because I was busy in the kitchen. Never got one of Wyatt-he was pretty much MIA the whole night(with his friends).
Lily and Reid.
Lily and Rachel enjoying ice cream sundaes at Max and Erma's.
Lily and Emma before church.

Well, it was a pretty eventful weekend. Friday night was our big spring carnival at school--Hinkle Hey Day. I was in charge of the food and I think it went pretty well. Glad it's over! I was at school for 12 hours straight Friday--8:30-8:30! Yikes! I wasn't really as tired as I thought I would be, though.
Saturday, Lily and I went to see Cinderella at Carmel High School. Their productions rival broadway. They have enough money at that school to make it that way. The costumes and sets are unbelievable. We went to Beauty and the Beast there last year and we will go to whatever they have every year-it was great! We went with Charlene and Rachel. Wyatt had a sleepover birthday party at his friend Trevor's, so his sister Emma, who happens to be Lily's good friend, slept over at our house. They had a great time.
Today was a good day. Got all kinds of wonderful homemade cards and gifts from the kids--aren't those the best kind?!?! Also got a nice RL purse and a gift card to Lowe's for flowers. After church, went to lunch, shopped a bit and bought flowers which I spent the afternoon planting.
Jeff got the drywall hung in the basement. It is finally looking like a room now--exciting!
Well, another full workweek looms ahead. Can't wait to get to school and see how the kids in my room are!!