Thursday, May 04, 2006

OK, these are out of order. I found these when I downloaded the pics on my camera. I was like, what in the world is this? Then I figured out Wyatt had had my camera again. He was also very proud of his spelling test, I guess, because he also took a pic of it----below.
Well, Wyatt ended up with a splint all the way up to his elbow which is not what I was expecting. All for a tiny broken bone in his hand. Of course, since it's not a cast, it's also not waterproof--no fun! Here he is doing his homework with his left hand. The funny thing is, his handwriting is better with his left than with his right! I guess he's kind of ambidextrous like me. At least he'll get it off just in time for swimming this summer. Baseball season's pretty much shot, though. He might be able to play the last couple of games. Oh well, there's a bright side to everytihng, I guess. Less running around for us!!
The doctor said there is definitely nothing wrong with his bones. They look very healthy in the x-rays and he is very healthy. He's just had bad luck.


Amy said...

Maybe you should get him his own camera!

Melody said...

He actually has one of those cheap digital cameras but we need to figure out how to get the pics off. He really likes taking pictures!