Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Well, it happened again. One of our kids running around with a broken bone and us not knowing it! Wyatt went to an ice-skating party on Sunday. Jeff and I joked that he would break a bone. Well, guess what? We don't THINK it even happened while skating. He is very unclear on how it happened---or at least he says he is. We get the feeling there is something he doesn't want to tell us. He just keeps saying that his friend Jake jammed it. Oh, it's his hand that is broken--didn't mention that yet. He has been saying it hurt since the party but it wasn't discolored and maybe just a tad swollen. Jeff took him today and sure enough. It's the bone that extends up from his ring finger and it's broken almost all the way up by his wrist. Anyway, he goes to get a cast on tomorrow. I guess baseball is out. He still wants to go to all of the games, though. Man, seems we've had our share of broken bones in this family!!!
Working is going well so far. It's almost too easy and not really busy enough for me. There are times when I don't really have that much to do. I'm kind of surprised they hired someone else for in there, but what do I know? I'm glad they did! It's very flexible-I'll still get to take goodies to Lily's class on Friday for her b-day. I get to eat lunch basically when I want so I can eat with either of the kids if I want to. I still feel like I'm subbing--but everyone keeps telling me congratulations and welcome-they sent an e-mail to all the teachers about me starting. How embarrassing. Anyway-it's kind of cool to feel like a working woman again---I really do enjoy working. I'm sure it's easy to say that when I only have a month!!


Amy said...

I can't believe Wyatt's hand was broken! Knock on wood, we've never had anything broken. So, will this job hang around 'til next year or are you filling in for someone on leave?