Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Learning about horses.
Feeding Zeb a biscuit.
Cassie and Lily Grooming Zeb.
Lily and Lauren goofing off on the swing before we went in.
Lily riding. She loved it!

Lily had her last brownie field trip for the year today. One of the girls in her troop takes horseback riding lessons so they got to go and get a mini lesson. They really enjoyed it. It was something a lot of them had never done before. The horse, Zeb, was so sweet and good with them. I even got a turn!! I love horeseback riding and wish it was something I could do more often.
We have run non-stop all week. The kids have had after school activities every day and we have been running pretty much til 8 every night! I'm so glad we have nothing after school tomorrow! I can't believe only 10 more days of school! I am SOOO looking forward to that first week of relaxation and nowhere to be! Of course we still have baseball and ballet, but that's it! I have really enjoyed this job and love going to work every day but it's definitely taking a toll on my house and everything I need to get done. I told my mom today that I don't know how she did it all those years she worked when we were young. The house was always perfect, we had a huge meal every night and she ran us all over! WOW-my hero!!
Well, need to go get the kids in bed and then do nothing to my messy house!
Sorry, Mom!!!!