Monday, October 30, 2006

We went to Lexington this past weekend and I didn't take a single picture. We just hung out, visited, ate out a lot and shopped a little. Wyatt got a haircut. The guy there we have known forever and cut Jeff's hair for many years does such a great job on Wyatt's longer style.
They opened a new store in Lexington that I had never heard of. I guess this is the furthest East that they have them. It's called Gordman's. (Click on the name to see website) It was kind of a cross between TJ Maxx, Goody's and Kohl's.
Oh, the tooth fairy also visited Lily while we were there. She has had a really loose tooth for a while and it's been bugging her. She said you could see her other tooth coming in and you could, so Jeff pulled it. I'm so glad the tooth fairy remembered. She is sometimes not the best at
that ;-)