Sunday, October 01, 2006

Lily with her friend Liea at Pink Slipper movie night.

It's been a nice weekend so far. Wyatt had his friend Trevor sleep over last night, which he always loves. We did a little cleaning and a little shopping and running around today. Lily had movie night at her dance studio tonight. They showed Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses. They get to wear their pj's, take their sleeping bags, have a snack and even dance a little. She does them a couple times a year and Lily always loves it! We took Wyatt to eat at Chili's. It was nice to have some alone time with him. It seems we can really enjoy each of the kids so much more when they don't have the other one around competing for attention. I think they really enjoy alone time with mom and dad, too. We try to take advantage of those times whe we get them.

We got a few Halloween decorations out today and I guess we'll drag the rest out tomorrow. Lily is really into decorating this year. She is making all of these plans for the Halloween party I MENTIONED having. We'll have to see if I'm up for that or not! Fall break is the weekend before Halloween and we usually go to Kentucky, so we'll see.

Well, need to go drag Wyatt away from a football game on TV and get him into bed--he was up til at LEAST midnight last night!!