Thursday, October 26, 2006


Wyatt in his class.
Lily with friends Anna and Alecksa in art class--I subbed in there Tuesday and Wednesday and got to have Wyatt and Lily in class.

As part of a game Wyatt had to wrap his friend Andrew with toilet paper.
As part of the same game, he had to tell his teacher his favorite part of 4th grade-it was math. It was a relay race so he is running back from telling her.
Lily playing bingo at her class party.
With the pumpkin she carved.
She was really enjoying sticking her hand in and getting the guts out-yuck!

Wyatt and Michael--today was favorite team jersey day at school as part of drug free week.
Sam, Bryce and Lily.
Kids at Ashley's after carving pumpkins.
Wyatt designing his pumpkin.
Sitting around the heater in Ashley's garage.
Yesterday were the kids Halloween parties at school. I subbed in art again and then was finished at 2:30, so got to go to their parties-it worked out well. I was officially in Wyatt's but ran down to Lily's for just a minute. They both seemed to go well.
Today and Friday is our Fall break so last night our neighbors, the Santos', had a pumpkin carving party. We had chili and helped the kids carve pumpkins. It was a good time.
We decided to get stuff done around here today and leave for Kentucky this evening. That's what happens when I work a couple of days in a row-the laundry gets so backed up! The principal mentioned to me yesterday that there was an Instructional Aide position coming available in the next couple of weeks and asked if I was interested. I guess I'll find out the details on Monday. As hard as it is to work full time, the money would really be nice, especially at Christmas. We'll see.
Well, better go kick it into gear if we're gonna get out of here tonight!