Friday, October 20, 2006


Lily, Emma, Savannah, Wyatt and Trevor in front of the haunted house.
The big witch.

Scaredy cats.

What a great day we had today! The kids had a half day of school because of conferences(which we had the other night and they are both doing wonderfully!) We went to lunch with my friend Jenny and her kiddos and then to see a snake guy at Cool Creek Nature Center. He had some HUGE snakes and the kids got to touch them.
Then this afternoon we went on our annual outing to the Children's Museum haunted house with Tracee and her kids. We decided to try the frightening one for the first time this year. They had gotten kind of bored with the friendly one. Well, they were frightened, that's for sure. They clung to us like no tomorrow!!!! And they all said they did not want to go back next year. I think they may change their minds by then. It WAS pretty scary. Just right for me-creatures jumping out at you and blowing these wind blasts at you! Yes, I did my share of screaming! The girls have on their Brownie vests because it was scout night and they got a haunted house patch.
We went to Cracker Barrel for dinner afterwards-YUM! It was a great time-as always with them! As you can see from the pic--both kids had to sleep in my bed tonight-luckily Jeff is out of town. Hopefully there will be no nightmares!!!