Sunday, October 15, 2006


Reading to each other in bed.
Cutie pies.
They each made their own pizza. Leia did hers in the shape of an "L".Tattooed faces.

This is how they play dress up now--with REAL clothes. They fixed each other all up with make-up and everything. Signs of things to come!!!

Lily and her friend Leia have been trying to plan a sleepover for a long time now. It finally worked out Saturday night. Wyatt rode the bus home with his friend Andrew for his birthday. They went to Max & Erma's for dinner and then to a movie--he had a blast! So Leia came home with Lily. They had a big time. I got a lot of pics because Leia is moving to China in a few months and will be there for 18 months for her dad's job. Lily doesn't know yet, but I will have to tell her soon. She will be SO sad. They really get along well. At least she will be back!