Saturday, October 07, 2006


These are 2 of the same pictures as below. I just liked them in black and white also.

Love this picture!
This is the huge pumpkin that we got!

Me and Tracee :-)
Hangin' on the hay pile.

Trevor and Wyatt.
Lily and Emma.
Trevor, Emma, Lily, Savannah, Rachel and Wyatt

I like this one of Lily--she just loves to pose for pictures. Wyatt, on the other hand.....

Tracee and I took the kids to Stonycreek Farms today since they got out of school early. We did the hay ride and just let the kids hang out. They just really love being with their friends. Tomorrow night they get to go with Emma and Trevor to a big family hayride/weenie roast that they have every year. They are totally excited about that.

Oh, notice---no cast on Lily's arm. She got it off on Tuesday. She's already making me a nervous wreck with her usual active ways. Today she was jumping off a hay pile, riding "horse" on Wyatt's back and climbing everything she could find to climb.

What's a mom to do?!?!


Amy said...

What fun! I can't wait 'til we can go do some things like that. I think we're officially "settled" so maybe we can start having some fun!