Monday, September 04, 2006


Mariachis on the rooftop with Chicago sky line in the distance.

This is what we think is the best Mexican restaurant anywhere. It was right across the street from our apartment when we lived in Chicago suburbs and we walked there for dinner at least once a week-sometimes more. It is so authentic-not like anything you would find around here. It's a lady from Mexico that owns it--she actually waited on us Saturday. We told her that we hadn't been there for 15 years and that it hadn't changed a bit and was the best Mexican food we had ever had(even in Mexico!). Sadly, she told us that she is closing in 2 months to move back to Mexico, after 19 years of business. She said her daughter is almost out of school now and she wants to move back to her family. I'm glad we got to go one more time at least.


Amy said...

Did you go just for fun? I'm ready to go in October.

Melody said...

We went for a wedding of one of Jeff's friends. I still hope we can meet you in October-Lily really wants to go to American Girl store. Update me on the plans sometime!