Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Lily's Brownie troop minus 1-Taryn didn't make it in the picture for some reason.
Everyone looking at the snake that the lifeguard got out of the pool. YIKES!
Lily and Meghan enjoying their hot dogs.
My little poser. She was great at swimming in her cast. As usual, it didn't slow her down a bit! She wanted to jump off the side but I drew the line there. Kids are so much more adaptable than adults!
Wyatt and his friend Andrew. It works out so well that he is the brother of Anna in Lily's troop. Whenever I have to take him to something, Andrew can come and they can keep each other company. Jeff was out of town tonight, so I'm glad Andrew was able to come. There was actually another older brother and sister there, so they all played together really well.

Lily had her Brownie kick-off party tonight. It was a swimming party and I thought it would be too cold to swim-especially for Lily-she's always cold. It was so dreary and chilly all day, but right before the party the sun came out and it got warmer. Plus the pool is heated to 85 degrees, so they swam the whole 2 hours. They were all so happy to get together again.
The big excitement of the evening was when the kids were yelling that there was a snake in the pool. We all thought they were goofing off, but they were all running out of the pool. Sure enough, when we walked over, there was a snake swimming around in the pool!! It was about 10 inches long and really skinny with stripes. There is a creek and woods all around the pool, so I'm sure that's where it came from. The lifeguard got it out and the kids were all so interested.