Friday, September 22, 2006

Ashley, me and Mimi. My neighbors and I went to PF Changs on Wednesday night. We had been trying to plan it forever because Mimi had never been there and something always came up. Well, even though I had subbed all day and had a Brownie field trip after school, I wasn't about to cancel. I drug my tired self out and had a great meal and a great time.
Lily's Brownie troop did a trail clean up at Potter's Bridge as a community service project. They managed to find a little trash---some I won't mention--if you know what I mean.
One of the girls noticed this animal skeleton. It was pretty cool because it was virtually undisturbed and all there-we think it might have been a racoon. You could see it's teeth, spine, everything.
Lily with her friend Anna.

This was a super busy week! I subbed Monday-Thursday. Had dance Monday night, football practice Tuesday and Thurday night and Brownie field trip after school Wednesday! Next week is not near as busy and I'm so glad! I'm exhausted!!