Tuesday, September 05, 2006


This is Lily's homework with her left hand. (She's right handed.) I'm the only lefty in the family. I think she does a great job writing with her left hand. It's not nearly as good as her right handed writing, but very legible, I think. Wyatt could always write with both also. I think they get some of their ambidextrous traits from me. I've always been totally mixed up---doing half of things with left and half with right. I'll be glad when she gets her regular writing back, though. She goes a week from tomorrow and gets a short cast on for probably 3 weeks, and then she's done. She had an X-ray on Friday and she's healing great! She has not complained once about her cast. Most of the time, I forget it's there, too! Believe it or not, the only thing she has missed is riding her bike!