Monday, September 04, 2006

Wyatt and Lily with Uncle Steve.
The gang.
Steve with his flags on-he was in sports heaven.
A friendly backyard game of flag football.

Well, my brother did a fabulous job with the kids while Jeff and I were gone to a wedding in Chicago. He kept them running the whole time, movie(How to Eat Fried Worms--they loved it), Ben and Ari's, McDonald's, pizza--you name it--they did it. They had a great time and Wyatt said he wanted him to move in with us. We got back about 1:00 yesterday and Steve was gonna leave. He wanted to get home to watch the UK game last night. We had a get together with our neighbors planned and I could tell he really wanted to come--so we convinced him to stay. Especially once we told him they have a 52 inch hi def TV he could watch the game on. They played a 2 hour game of flag football with the kids. My brother LOVES sports and said these are his kind of neighbors. We are so lucky to have the neighbors we do. They are truly like family to us since we don't have any around here. He said we are so lucky to have this and we should never move--I'm sure the kids would agree with him. I think he hated to leave! It was really nice to have him around for a few days.