Sunday, September 17, 2006


We decided to go to Lexington this weekend because it was Wyatt's bye week in football. My brother ended up getting tickets to the UK game and he, Jeff, my dad and Wyatt all went. They had a great time. Lily, my mom and I had "girls night out". We had a great time, shopped and went to the best Chinese buffet I have ever been to--yum!! They just opened a new store in Lexington and it's AWESOME! It's called Gabriel Brothers and it's kind of like TJ Maxx only much bigger, better and cheaper! They had lots of great name brands and the prices were super! I know I'll be hitting that whenever we get to Lexington!
We also visited the temporary memorial for the plane that crashed there recently , killing 49 people. It was really sad. There was a wedding picture and invitation of the couple that had just gotten married and were on their way to their honeymoon. So sad! We all signed the memorial. It's going to be made into a permanent memorial eventually.

The memorial at the airport.
Wyatt and Lily signing the memorial. The front and back were covered in signatures.
All dressed up for church.

Wyatt learned to hula hoop!! They were using my hula hoop I had as a little girl--they loved it!
Man this girl can hula hoop! She can go forever! I didn't even know she could do it, but I guess they play with one at recess and she has gotten very good!
Me and my mommy :-)
This is a scary pic because I took it myself(I kind of look cross-eyed!), but this is my new haircut. I guess I look pretty different because Friday I was standing across the street talking to the neighbor when the kids got off the bus. Lily looked right at me and kept walking until I yelled her name---she said she didn't know who I was!!! The guys ready to go to the UK game. They had a great time--especially since UK won 31-14---GO CATS!!!!!