Sunday, December 11, 2005

Wyatt and Lily's "store".
Wyatt singing in the church program. He's in the center back.

Lily singing in the Saturday church Christmas program.

Well, we had 2 church Christmas programs this weekend. Lily was in the one on Saturday. It was put on by the youth and she thought she was big stuff singing with "the high school kids" as she puts it. She really loves to sing and the choir director at church told me that she is a really good singer. The program this morning was with all of the kids and Wyatt and Lily were both in it. They both really enjoyed doing it and did a great job.

When I got home from the store today, Wyatt and Lily had set up a "store" of their own. It was really cute---they had all kinds of stuff (a tin of mints with one mint left in it, a partially eaten Spongebob sucker, peppermints from my centerpiece, Halloween monster teeth and various other "valuable" items). They had them all out on a table with price tags for each one and a sign on the chair that says "Closed--Sorry" for when they close up. I just love it when they play so imaginatively.