Saturday, December 24, 2005

Carolling in the library at school.
Lily being silly at her classroom party.
Wyatt carolling.
All the kids in the library singing Christmas songs-I couldn't get them all in the picture--it was a ton of kids!
Wyatt at his classroom party.

Yesterday was a big day! The kids had their classroom parties at school. Before the parties, the whole school goes into the library to sing Christmas carols. They had a good time. I was supposed to be in Wyatt's party this time, but there were so many parent helpers that I was able to go back and forth between his and Lily's.It was Wyatt teacher's last day--she has been filling in all year for his real teacher that had a baby during the summer--she will be back after break. The other excitement we had was a little girl in Lily's class broke her arm at the party--I felt so sorry for her--she broke it while playing a game and broke it above the elbow--
OUCH!! She was in so much pain--poor thing. Lily called to check on her last night and she was feeling better.

I can't believe it's actually Christmas Eve! With the kids going to school until yesterday--it just really snuck up on me! Still have lots to wrap and the house to get cleaned up. Hopefully I can get the kids motivated to help---we told them Santa won't visit a messy house--that oughta do it!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!!!!