Saturday, December 03, 2005


The hayride to get our tree.
Lily finding JUST the right spot for her ornament.
At Mannix tree farm.
Wyatt cutting down the tree.
We did it---the perfect tree!

Well, today was our big Christmas tree day. Our yearly tradition is to cut our own Christmas tree. The farm we had been going to didn't have a great selection last year, so we tried a new place this year--Mannix tree farm. It actually ended up being closer to our house than the other one and had lots more trees to choose from. They had a hayride, bonfire and cookies and hot cider. It always takes us forever to pick one. The kids were dead set on one particular one (which wasn't my favorite) but I figured---who is this tree really for? Them! So they got their way and it actually looked great in the house when we got it home. Guess they knew what they were doing! Wyatt loved sawing the tree down and Lily was more into decorating it. Wyatt helped with the lights and some of the ornaments, but Lily put most of the ornaments on. And put them on she did! She actually did a pretty good job--just not EXACTLY how I would have done it--but once again--have to learn to let go of some of that control! I think perfect trees are boring anyway! We also got a really cute real wreath which I haven't had in a while. Now they are itching to put their little trees up in their rooms. I think we'll have to continue the decorating tomorrow! We still need to do the outside lights and some other stuff inside. I'm ready to call it quits for today!