Friday, December 09, 2005


7 inches of snow!
Lily sledding down the hill in our back yard.
Lily and Rachel all bundled up.
Wyatt all bundled up.
Decorating cookies.

Well, the kids had a great day off of school today. They played in the snow and decorated cookies. Plus had lots of time to just play-Lily and Rachel(the little girl I babysit) sang me Christmas carols while I folded laundry. It was too cute! It doesn't look like the snow is going anywhere for a while. I had to get out for a while earlier and the roads are not in the greatest shape. It doesn't seem like they have plowed as well as usual. I saw people sliding all over the place!

Lily is supposed to sing in a church Christmas program tomorrow and she and Wyatt both sing in one on Sunday. Plus Lily has a birthday party tomorrow evening. Looks to be a busy weekend!