Saturday, December 17, 2005

Today Lily got to go to an Art Clinic put on by the National Art Honor Society. Her art teacher at school was allowed to pick 2 kids from each grade level to go--and Lily was one of the first graders! She absolutely loved it! They made several things, got to have pizza and got a t-shirt. Wyatt and I went and did our last bit of Christmas shopping and had lunch while she was there. It was nice to have some mother/son time together--we don't get it very often. I can officially say I am FINISHED with my Christmas shopping now!! Now I just have to get busy baking and wrapping! We are headed to Kentucky this afternoon for Jeff's mom's side of the family's Christmas dinner on Sunday. We haven't been to it in a while and thought we'd better this year. His great uncle is 95 years old so you never know! I still have to pack a few things, wrap gifts to take and clean the house---what am I doing on here?!?! Gotta go!
Oh, Wyatt got his ISTEP test results back yesterday---it's the Indiana Statewide Testing for Educational Progress---standardized tests that took over a week to complete!! Anyway--it's a pretty big deal at our school(3rd grade is the first year they take them) and he did really well. He got 99%'s on almost everything and ended up in the Pass Plus category on both Language Arts and Math with very high scores!!! I was SO proud of him! Now if I could just get him to tie his shoes, flush the toilet, and hang up his backpack!!(I'd settle for any one of those actually---I think all 3 may be asking too much!!)