Sunday, April 29, 2007


Lily's BFF Emma spent the night last night. They went to movie night at Lily's dance studio.
Here they are today playing in the water. Actually, they asked if they could clean my birdbath out---of course!! When I finally looked at it later, it was the cleanest it has ever been since it was new!
They asked to have a lemonade stand. They did it all themselves---made the lemonade, carried the picnic table around front, made the sign and..................................
Look at this flock of boys! I hope this isn't a sign of times to come!! They did make $1.50 each!
My son never ceases to make me laugh. I was giving his room a good cleaning today(mostly because I can throw stuff away when he's not around---AND I didn't want him to come home to a dirty room--even though he did leave it that way) Anyway, I found this. A bag of some old parts to some electricity experiment thingy. He had written "cool stuff" and the date on the bag. Funny.

Jeff noticed this bird nest in our pine tree on the side of the house. It was a bit above my eye level but I held the camera up and got this pic.
Here's the mama bird sitting on her eggs. We walked by so many times doing yard work that I think she finally got used to us and stoppped flying away.
Lily helping with yard work.

A pic from her soccer game. Run, Lily, run!
It was a BEAUTIFUL weekend!! The nicest weather we've had so far this Spring. We got a ton of yardwork done. Re-edging all the beds, new mulch, digging a new bed on the side of the house, pruning, cleaning bird feeders, dividing perennials, planting some new flowers. Hard work, but work I love doing. I'm so happy when I'm digging in the dirt! It looks tons better,too!
Wyatt should be back from Space Camp in about an hour. We're sitting here waiting on the call that they are 30 minutes away. I can't wait to see him and here how it was! I hope they go easy on them at school tomorrow, I'm sure they'll all be beat!!