Thursday, April 26, 2007


Ready to go.
Wyatt with his friend Josh. He was so glad he got in the hotel room tonight with his friends.
Getting on the bus. The buses were super nice inside with plush seats and controls above them like on an airplane. It had a TV and bathrooms. too! Good thing, because it's a loooong ride. That's Lily waving bye to him-she and Rachel both cried after the bus pulled away--I can't believe I didn't!
He said I was embarassing him taking pictures. Guess he didn't care that all the parents were, not just me. He's getting so funny about that anymore-not wanting me to touch him in the hall, etc. Guess I knew it was coming-but it's still hard when it does!
Here's the bus departing. Wow! Can't believe he's gone and I won't talk to him for 3 whole days!

Wyatt left for Space Camp this afternoon. It's in Huntsville, Alabama. They'll be gone til Sunday night. We don't even get to talk to them the whole time-there is a phone tree to let us know when they reach their destinations (they will stay in Tennessee tonight and on to Alabama in the morning) and when they are close to home again. I know he'll be fine and it will be really good for him to have to take care of himself totally for a few days. He was so excited! I know it will also be a great learning experience for him. It's just gonna be a weird weekend without him!