Saturday, April 21, 2007


Hoeing the garden at Conner Prairie.

Lily playing soccer today.
At the school from the year 1836. There was a teacher teaching a "lesson". Looks like he had their attention!
The group I took around. I got lucky, they were very good. Oh, the girl in the green shirt is Courtney. Wyatt has had a crush on her all year. He has good taste, she is very cute and very smart. Oh, he would just die if he knew I was writing this on my blog!
Wyatt at the hotel desk.

Lily and her best friend Emma. They loved getting to play each other.
Lily playing goalie.

In the mix.
Lily and Emma after the game.
These pictures are all mixed together. Lily had her first soccer game last night and another one today. She did very well-especially for having had only 2 practices. They won both of the games, but they played 2 brand new teams. The rest of the games will be against teams that played together in the fall, so it may be a whole different story. She got the ball kicked in her face hard from very close range today. It was scary. She came out of the game, but was all right after a few minutes. I think it just startled her.
Wyatt had his last field trip on Friday to Conner Prairie. I got to go along(AND get paid-awesome). It was a PERFECT day weather wise and we had a great time.
Wyatt has his first baseball game tonight at 7. I guess our Saturdays are booked up for a while!