Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Lily with her daddy.
Some of the climbing part of the waterpark.
Lily took this of the treehouse in the restaurant where we ate dinner.

The blue slide was a water roller coaster. You rode on a 3 person raft. It had a huge hill and a few other smaller ones. After going down the hills it propelled you back up to the top--it was definitely the best water slide I've been on. Lily was JUST tall enough to go on it. She and Wyatt both loved it.
Lily and Abbey at the arcade.
Lily with the wolf mascot.
The clock in the lobby. It comes to "life" a few times a day. We never got to see it because we were always doing something when the times arrived.
Lily always loves these things.

The mantle in the lobby.
In the lazy river.
Lily and Abbey going down a slide. The only way Abbey would go at first is if Lily held her hand--but she got braver.

Some of the slides.

Wyatt in front of the wave pool.
Jeff and Wyatt.
Ashley, me and the kids in the lobby.
Lily and Wyatt out front on the big wolf sculptures.

Well, we had a great time at the Great Wolf Lodge in Ohio. We got there Sunday at lunch time. The kids played at the waterpark all day then we ate at the buffet in the hotel for dinner. We were all suprised at how good the food was. They had anything you could imagine so it was great for picky kids. The waterpark was open til 10 so Ashley and I went back down and rode some of the bigger slides without kids. The roller coaster slide was the best! The family raft ride was awesome too--where 5 can go on a huge round raft down a super huge tube. We were able to stay at the waterpark after checkout on Monday, too, so the kids got a lot of time to play. I didn't get any pics of the room, but it was really nice. It had a living room with a fireplace and 2 bedrooms/ 2 bathrooms. It was plenty big for us.

We have today, Wednesday and Thursday to enjoy Spring Break then we head to Lexington Friday for Easter. It's going to go so fast. Looks like the weather for Easter is going to be cold. Today is in the high 70's and tomorrow the high is going to be in the 40's. I guess that's how it is this time of year!