Monday, April 16, 2007


Lily taking her turn.
Jeff giving it a try.

Wyatt got Guitar Hero Saturday night with the last of his birthday gift cards. I think Jeff wanted it as much as Wyatt did. We all played it--I must admit-I even played it when no one else was home today. I'm getting better. It's hard. Somehow Wyatt seems to be a natural at it. We're thinking about guitar lessons! (oh, and the tongue does really help!)

Wyatt had baseball picture day at 7:15 Saturday morning-yikes!

Lily and I made this dress for her Cabbage Patch doll today. Well, let me say we started it together after much of her begging--and 5 minutes into it her friend came knocking at the door and off she went. I finished it. It took all of 15 minutes-and that's with a mess up---I haven't sewn in a while! We have fabric to make 2 more and a matching one for Lily. Another day.
I made purple and orange fries tonight for dinner from purple potatoes and sweet potatoes. I put them in and went down and got on the treadmill. Mistake. I burnt the sweet potatoes, but the purple ones were fine and tasted like regular potatoes.
Lily sewing the doll dress---before she ditched me.
Lily's beloved fish, Rainbow, died Saturday. Or, at least, that's when we discovered that he was dead. He had a shell he would go into and she told me he hadn't been out in a while. Red flag. As soon as I walked over, I knew. It stunk. Jeff had to shake the shell to get him out. We haven't had the burial yet--he's still in a zip lock in the garage--eeww. She had just written her young author book at school about him, too. She was so sad. We got a new one Saturday night. R.J. for Rainbow junior. He's a crown tail and really pretty.(that's him above)

I was looking through Lily's backpack tonight and she had a whole stack of creative writing pieces. One is called "The Best Mom" and this is how it goes: (no editing here)

The best mom is my mom. Evey night she kisses me. Mmmmp. She loves me much. I love her much. We huge(hug) and we kiss each other. She knows I love her much. I know that she loves me much. I love my mom. She loves me too. Sometimes we go to the mall together. It's realy fun. We eat at mark pie's sometimes. Mark pie's is a chinense restront. She is the best.

OK, that made my day, no, my week!

Gotta love 2nd grade writing!


Amy said...

How sweet! It's amazing what you can dig out of a backpack!