Thursday, February 15, 2007


Wyatt going down the hill.

Just a pretty snow scene at the park.

I took this in my yard this morning. Nothing prettier than a cardinal against the snow.
Everyone heading off to sled.
It was a really long hill. The perfect steepness and a nice long ride.
Lily right before she caught 2 feet of air and hurt her back.
Ashley and I took the kids to McDonald's for lunch today and then sledding. Mimi and Michael met us there to sled, too. It was an awesome place. We were the only ones there for most of the time because it was in a town where they had school today. It makes me nervous to sled where there are lots of people. Both sides were tree lined so we got no wind and with the sun out it didn't feel too cold at all, even though the temps were low. There were several different hills and the first one we tried had way too many bumps. Lily went down and flew into the air, landing hard on her back. It knocked her breath out and her back hurt for a bit. But she was fine. We switched to a long hill that was perfect. You went fast and it was a good long ride. There was a place where it was rutted out and the sleds stayed right in the groove, which was nice. The kids had fun and I guess we sledded for about 2 hours.
School is delayed 2 hours tomorrow. Then we have a 3 day weekend. Man, we are gonna forget how to go to school.