Friday, February 09, 2007


Lily with her face painted after the Colts won.
The snow we got--I think it ended up being maybe 6-7 inches?
So cute-bird tracks on our porch.
Lily at her Brownie meeting that I led.

We have a busy weekend coming up. Tonight, Jeff and Wyatt are going to an Indiana Pacers basketball game. It's Upward night and they get all kinds of extra stuff. Wyatt is very excited. So Lily and I are having a girls night and going out for Chinese food and to the mall. Then tomorrow night Lily has her girl scout father/daughter dance. It's a hoedown theme--we took some of her denim clothes and added a few western details to them. She's very excited about it. Wyatt and I will have mom/ son night then. Not sure what we'll do--maybe a movie. Well, off to get ready for work---TGIF!!!