Sunday, February 04, 2007


This is how the kids dressed for church today. It was so cool-almost everyone had their Colts gear on-kids AND adults. Even the preacher!! And his sermon was based around football, too. Comparing it to Christianity-it was interesting.
It was a crazy 4 degrees when we left for church.

We forced ourselves to go, though. We missed the last 2 weeks because of snow and cold and I just didn't feel right about that. I mean, I sure can make it out in the cold to go out to eat or shopping. It would be too easy to get into the habit of always finding a reason not to go. Because I'm sure we always could. I know us! Too cold, too tired, etc. And once we go, I'm always glad we did. I need to adopt that philosophy about the treadmill, too. Once I do that, I'm always glad I did, too, but I can always find an excuse not to.
OK, enough pontificating------GO COLTS!!!