Wednesday, February 14, 2007


This is our little picnic table on the patio. The benches are totally under the snow.

Wyatt's legs are down in a 4-5 foot tall snow drift.
It's hard to tell from the pic but this snowdrift is HUGE!

Snow angel.
This is on our deck. 18 inches.
Our neighbors yard with huge drifts.

Jeff out shoveling.

Sam, Abbey and Lily playing in the snow.
Happy Valentine's Day. A big heart with a snow angel in the middle.
Look how high the snow is around our mailbox.
Sledding down the "steps" of our deck.

Our house.
Lily's igloo her daddy made her.
Abbey and Lily in the igloo.
Master shoveler. Our neighbor always snow blows it for us, but Jeff said he was doing this instead of the treadmill today.

Well, we ended up with about 15 inches of snow. Some of the drifts are huge. 4-5 feet I would say. Lily has had a blast in it all day. Wyatt is still a little under the weather and only got out for a bit.
We ventured out once to go to the Hallmark store. Lily's valentine's gift was money for a Webkinz that she has been DYING for. So we called and they had just gotten a new shipment in today. We HAD to rush right over and get one. Now she is waiting for me to finish to get on here and activate it. Here is the one she got.
Wyatt wanted to go to Game Xchange to spend his money, but it was closed. I told him we'd try again tomorrow. His coach just called to say no practice tonight and told me that of all the team members she had called, we were the only ones that had had our street plowed. So now I'm wondering about school tomorrow. Surely, they'll get it plowed before morning. We'll see. The break has been nice but I'm really ready to get back to the routine.
Well, Lily is chomping at the bit to get on here.


Amy said...

Oh--my--goodness! I can't believe the snow! I'm so jealous.

My kids got Webkinz last weekend! How funny. Things are the same no matter where you live.