Tuesday, February 06, 2007

It's snowning like crazy here right now. It started right after we got to school (on a 2 hour delay) and is still going. We probably have about 4 inches now and a predicted possible 7-8. All of our evening activities were cancelled which is nice. The only down side is it's only 12 degrees and too cold for the kids to play out in it. There have been warnings about how easy it is to get frostbite in these temps--especially if kids take off their gloves or hats--which mine are notorious for! Luckily, they haven't even asked to go out in it.
My feelings about snow have changed so much over the last several years. Like my mom said, eventually, you just get your fill of it. I think she's right. I guess I'm getting old! It is pretty to look at, though. The part I like about it is snuggling up inside with the fireplace on!!
The southern states are looking pretty darn good to me lately with the temps we've had!