Monday, November 20, 2006

Well, started my new job today and it went well. The day went super fast. It looks like my lunch is going to be at 2nd grade lunch time so I can eat with Lily sometimes. That's cool.
Found out a secret from the music teacher today and I can't tell Lily. She got a solo part in the school Christmas program. She's been talking about it all the time lately. They have been trying out. She REALLY wanted a part. There are 7 elves that have solo lines and she got one of them--it's so hard not to tell her!!! She'll find out next time she goes to music. She also got a special part in the church program. She's an angel and singing with a small group--7 I think. She is totally into the singing thing lately. I guess if her interest continues, I'll look into voice lessons for her. She walks around practicing all the time. But you know how that goes. Could totally be tired of it next week!! We'll see.
Can't even believe Thanksgiving is this week! Where did the month go?!?!