Friday, November 03, 2006


This is an art display in the hall at school that 2nd graders did. I helped them finish these the day I subbed. I thought they looked really neat all together. Patriotic Pop art. Lily's is the Christmas tree at the bottom.
Making a mixed juice drink recipe.
Just a few pics of Lily's last Brownie meeting. They did the Make It-Eat It try it and decorated small cakes and made some punch. They also put together a cook book of all of their favorite recipes.
My mom is coming today for Grandparents day. She is driving 3 hours to spend 1/2 hour in each of the kids' classrooms. Oh well, it really means a lot to the kids for her to be there. Jeff is out of town til Saturday so it'll be nice to have her here.
I did accept the teacher's asst job at school. It starts November 20. I'm excited. If I could pick any room to be in at the school, this would be it because I won't be in the same room all the time or with the same kids all the time. And I will only work with small groups and not a large, noisy class! Plus I really enjoy helping the kids who really need extra help. The teacher I'll be working with is really awesome at what she does and I'll learn a ton from her I'm sure. Just the few times I subbed in there, I learned lots of study tricks that I could apply to my own kids.
Well, off to get a little more cleaning done!!
Have a great weekend!!!


Amy said...

I think your job sounds good. I would hate to be stuck with a class all the time. YOu don't get payed enough!