Saturday, November 04, 2006


Nema with Rachel. It's worked out well the last 2 years with Rachel and Wyatt being in the same class so Mom can be there for both of them since Rachel has no Grandparents living.

Nema and Wyatt outside of his class by some of his work.
In front of the school.

Showing Nema her work on the wall.

This is what Wyatt was doing when it was time to take Nema on the school tour. Computer with his buddies. He didn't want to go with us(Nema, Lily, Rachel and I)-he gave us his favorite new line when I asked him, "I'm good" meaning no thanks. I guess that's what happens as they get older--friends start to take precedence over us!! Boo-hoo!
My mom was here for Grandparent's Day on Friday. The kids love having their "Nema" here. We had a good time shopping and eating out. She spoiled the kids, as usual. Lily got not 1 but 2 Build-a-Bears. She really paid for most of the first one herself with her chore chart money she earned and some tooth fairy money. Nema helped out some, too. She really wanted the husky dog and Mom and I liked another one better and talked her into it. Then we felt really bad because she really wanted the husky. So Mom took her and got the Husky today. Rotten girl!
Wyatt got 2 video games--one with bongos as the controller!
Oh, Mom gave each of them $20 today--Lily's was for her BAB, and Wyatt had his to spend on whatever he wanted. He came up to me totally out of the blue at the BAB store and wanted to buy Lily a Christmas gift! I was floored. He spent $10 of his money to get her the little puppies that attach with magnets to the big dogs' mouths. I was so proud of him for wanting to spend his money for that! As much as they fight, they really do love each other so much.