Sunday, November 26, 2006


Lily made this in school. It lists what she is thankful for. It is so sweet.
This is the stuff I'm thankful for. I'm thankful for my family because they help me when I am stuck on my homework. My house is neat. My friends are spectacular. My school is so, so, so good. I'm thankful for me because I want to live. I'm thankful for a bunch of stuff.

Wyatt decided at the last minute that he would sit on Santa's lap.

Helping Nema make meatloaf.
They both made place cards for their place at the table on Thanksgiving.
Here's Wyatt's.
Eager to help with the cooking. Here she's chopping green peppers---with a real knife-yikes! She did a great job.
The finished meatloaf. The small one is Lily's.

Wyatt and Lily with Mimi--Jeff's mom.
Anxiously awaiting Uncle Steve.
Wyatt got the long side of the wishbone.
The wishbone.
Playing cards with Uncle Steve. I can't tell you how many games of Scrabble we played-we all love it. Wyatt does really well and Lily is getting really good at it, too! We also played lots of Uno(the kids' fave), Racko, and Yhatzee.
We had a great Thanksgiving. We drove to Lexington Wednesday, stopping at the outlet malls on the way so Jeff could check on things. The kids and I shopped while he worked.
Thursday, we had Thanksgiving dinner at my mom's. It was great as usual. Lily was totally into helping--she made her own meatloaf! My mom can't just make turkey. She had turkey, beef roast and meatloaf--and of course all the trimmings! We tried a new sweet potato casserole recipe this year and it was awesome!
Jeff had to head back Thursday night, his store in Edinburgh opened at midnight!! He had 250 people waiting outside the doors to get in at midnight! He said it was crazy all night! The kids and I stayed in Lexington and had our traditional mall day on Friday. They always see Santa the day after Thanksgiving. There is never a line! I didn't think the mall seemed quite as crowded as years past, but it was still crowded! My parents drove us back on Saturday and we stopped at the outlet malls again and spent all day Saturday shopping. We found some good deals. I found some work clothes, which I need! Try dressing 5 days a week and not wearing jeans! Jeans have been my uniform for the last 10 years! As enjoyable as it was, I think I've had my fill of shopping and eating for a while!
My first full work week will be this week. I'm looking forward to it-I know I'll be so tired by the weekend. It's gonna take me a while to get adjusted, I'm sure!