Thursday, November 16, 2006

Well, after a year of talking about it, Wyatt is finally signed up for Space Camp in April and he is so excited. The 4th grade goes every year and he's been talking about it since last year's 4th grade class went. I can't believe we're sending him to Alabama for 4 days!! We went to the info meeting tonight and feel really good about it now and figure it's a great learning experience that he would probably never get to do otherwise. There was only room for 100 kids and probably that many were at the meeting, so we paid the deposit tonight to guarantee a spot. There were lots of kids he knows that are going and he was happy about that.
Well, my last week of freedom wasn't very free. I ended up subbing 3 days. Oh well, the money will be nice this time of year. So far they haven't called me for tommorow. I'm kind of hoping they don't. I REALLY need to get some things accomplished around here!